Improve key profitability metrics and trends at the Advisor, Tech, and Dealership Levels:

  • Daily Sales and Gross Tracking versus Store-Specific Targets and Benchmarks
  • Upsell %
  • Gross Profit % on Repairs, Competitive, and Maintenance
  • Adherence to Repair Grid
  • Profit Issues Due to Suboptimal Work Mix by Techs
  • Parts Sourcing Analytics

Fixed Operations 

Understand which vehicles are selling,  where you are holding the most gross, and where you have inventory ageing issues.  

  • Vehicle Sales Units, Retail Gross, and F&I Gross
  • Closed in F&I Deal Analysis
  • Salesperson and F&I Manager Sales and Gross Performance by Unit and Overall
  • New and Used Vehicle Inventory Analysis
  • Days Supply of Vehicles by Make, Model, and Type
  • Analysis of Wholesaled Vehicles

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